A toast to the bride: what do you say Meghan Markle at your wedding?

A toast to the bride: what do you say Meghan Markle at your wedding?

It is expected that at her wedding with Prince Harry Megan Markle will do the unconventional and give a speech. What should be the toast of the bride and what to include? The opinions of the experts of the wedding business.

Come may, and Meghan Markle, apparently, violate a long-standing tradition for Royal brides, and make a speech at your own wedding.

In the XXI century should not be surprising that a woman wants to perform at his wedding. However, some traditions to break not so simply.

According to the polling company YouGov, in 2016, only 16% of respondents felt that the bride should speak at her wedding.

Evaluation Donna brown, an employee of the company on the organization of weddings and celebrations Pure Elegance Weddings & Events, from 70 weddings, which she helped organize in 2017, only about ten bride took the floor.

Donna also recalled one occasion when the maid of honor really wanted to play, but the bride herself was not sure whether it is.

It is impossible to completely ignore the etiquette, but ultimately it’s your wedding. It is not for Pinterest. No need to try to justify the apparent expectations.Donna Broncotron company for weddings and special events Pure Elegance Weddings & Events

Sarah Haywood, a wedding planner and author of Wedding Bible (“Wedding Bible”), says that about half of the weddings she plans include speech the bride.

And the editor of Brides (“Bride”), jade beer says that now more and more young women begin to feel that they are not wanted in their wedding day for them to speak to men.

The lack of established tradition of brides speeches for weddings now gives them greater freedom of choice of topics, suggested by the wedding planner Annabel Candler.