In Australia on sale bought the cabinets with the “secrets” of the government

In Australia on sale bought the cabinets with the “secrets” of the government

MOSCOW, 31 Jan — RIA Novosti. Hundreds of classified government documents locked in cabinets, were selling furniture in Australia, reports the ABC.

According to the channel, who received the documents, the sale of furniture belonging to the former government, took place in the second-hand store in Canberra. One of the visitors bought two heavy Cabinet, from which she lost the keys. Several months passed before he opened the locks.

Opening the Cabinet doors, the buyer discovered that the shelves crammed with documents for a period spanning approximately ten years. Thousands of pages contain a description of the five previous governments.

Nearly all documents are classified “secret”, some “top secret” and some are “only for the eyes of the citizens of Australia”. However, to buy furniture on sale, could the buyer of any nationality.

As the channel is “one of the biggest violations of privacy” in Australia’s history. It is reported that in the found folder contains detailed information about other security breaches, for example, about how the Australian police between 2008 and 2013 lost about 400 documents belonging to the national security Committee.

Also, the findings indicate that about 200 documents had been left at the office of the Minister, penny Wong after the Australian labor party lost the election in 2013. In 195 documents contain information about the plans “on defense in the middle East, reports on national security updated information on the Afghan war, reconnaissance information and details of the counter-terrorism operations.” The documents also indicate that in 2007, the Committee on national security of ex-Prime Minister John Howard discussed the abolition of the “unlimited right to remain silent during police interrogation”.

The Australian government on Wednesday announced that it has launched an investigation.