The Minister of Finance of the United States promised sanctions on the basis of the “Kremlin report»

The Minister of Finance of the United States promised sanctions on the basis of the “Kremlin report»

The administration expects Congress to declassify a confidential portion of the document, followed by the new restrictive measures, said Steven Mnuchin.

WASHINGTON, 30 Jan — RIA Novosti. “Kremlin report” will lead to new sanctions against Russia, said the Minister of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin at a meeting of the banking Committee of the Congress.

So he answered the question of when the administration intends to take action against those who made the list.

Proposals on sanctions — an unprecedented work, and we will use this report as part of the planned course to impose sanctions. Do not interpret this to mean that we do not introduce sanctions against some of the mentioned in the report.Steven Machinelist of the Treasury

He added that the sanctions would be the consequence of the closed part of report in which more than a hundred pages. According to Mnuchin, his Department is eagerly awaiting that Congress declassify this section.

In “the Kremlin list”, published by the American Ministry of Finance, included almost all the Russian leadership, starting with the Prime Minister, and major Russian businessmen — more than 200 people. It does not entail immediate sanctions, but suggests that they can be introduced in the future.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described the report as “an unfriendly act” that harms the relations between Russia and the United States. Moreover, Moscow is not interested in having to cease relations with Washington, so it is to refrain from reciprocal steps and will monitor the situation.

The President also noted that Russia is against this background, should deal primarily with domestic issues, guided by the rule “the dog barks, but the caravan moves on.”