Bloomberg: the U.S. Treasury used data from Forbes to create “the Kremlin’s list»

Bloomberg: the U.S. Treasury used data from Forbes to create “the Kremlin’s list»

NEW YORK, January 30. /TASS./ The list of entrepreneurs included in the unclassified part of “the Kremlin list” was compiled by the U.S. Treasury, including on the basis of the list published by Forbes magazine. This was reported on Tuesday by Bloomberg.

As noted in the article, this information was confirmed by the representative of the financial Department of the USA. According to him, used was information from open sources, in particular, the materials of the journal. It clarifies the Agency, we are talking about last year’s Forbes number in Russian.

Previously, the Agency AP noted that the list of the 96 entrepreneurs in the published document is actually a copy of the list of Russian billionaires compiled by Forbes, the only difference is that their names follow in alphabetical order. As stated by the Agency in the report “made no distinction between those who are associated with the Kremlin, and who is not”, it also includes businessmen who made his fortune independently of the authorities of the Russian Federation.

The U.S. Treasury Department on Monday released an open version of the so-called the Kremlin report, which was submitted to all members of the Russian government, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, heads of the presidential administration, the heads of several state corporations and state banks and businessmen, whose state, according to U.S. sources, is $1 billion or more. The list presents the names of 210 people. This list is not sanctions, I emphasize the Ministry of Finance, no restrictions against the defendants is not automatically entered.