Posted a video of the interception of reconnaissance aircraft USA Russian su-27

Posted a video of the interception of reconnaissance aircraft USA Russian su-27

USA issued a video intercept Russian su-27 fighter plane of the American EP-3E Aries II, which took place over the Black sea on January 29. Immediately after the incident, the Pentagon accused Russia of violating international standards of conduct in the airspace. The defense Ministry, in turn, said that the approach was safe and no regulations of the Russian pilots did not violate.

Naval forces of the United States released a video intercept Russian su-27 reconnaissance aircraft of the USA at coast of Crimea, which took place on 29 January. On shots it is visible as the fighter flies up to the American EP-3E Aries II to the South of Yalta. Leaning to the right of the American aircraft, su-27, demonstrates a rocket of a class air-air.

At the Pentagon the day before claimed that Russian fighter jets flew just 1.5 metres away from us, thereby creating “a risk of collision in the air.”

“This latest example of Russian military activities, neglecting international norms and agreements”, — said in the Pentagon held a interception.

“We call on Russia to stop these unsafe actions that increase the risk of miscalculations that threaten the flight crews of both sides, as well as collisions in the air,” added the us defense Department.

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The report also notes that “the Russian armed forces have the right to operate in international airspace, however, should behave within the framework of international standards to ensure safety and prevent incidents.”

The Russian defense Ministry, in turn, rejected the accusations by their American counterparts, assuring that the distance of convergence of the planes were safe. “29 January 2018 around noon duty vehicles control of air space over neutral waters of the Black sea was discovered an unidentified aerial target approaching the border of Russian airspace. Intercept of the composition of the active-duty air defense forces raised the su-27 fighter jet that approached the aircraft at a safe distance and identify it as electronic intelligence aircraft EP-3E “Aries II” U.S. Navy,” — said in a statement, the Ministry of defense submitted earlier in order “Газеты.Ru”.

The crew of fighter aircraft, identifying the aircraft as an American, accompanied him in order to prevent the violation of the airspace of Russia, said the Ministry of defense.

“After the spy plane, the US Navy changed the flight path for removal from the airspace of the Russian Federation, the Russian su-27 fighter jet returned to the airfield”, — said the Russian defense Ministry.

The incident caused a wide resonance not only in the Russian media, but also in the us. So, according to CNN, the incident is another illustration of the tension between Russia and the United States.