Haley: the United States will not give to descent to enemies that threaten American interests

Haley: the United States will not give to descent to enemies that threaten American interests

So the us Ambassador to the UN, commented on the speech of Donald trump in Congress, calling it a “great day” for America.

UN, January 31. /TASS./ The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley on Tuesday, enthusiastically responded about the performance of Donald trump in Congress, proclaiming the advent of the “great day” for America. As stated in the written statement of the diplomat, now the United States is more “will give” to those who threaten American interests.

“Tonight the President made clear that America is in the lead again,” said Haley. “For the first time in a long time, our friends know that we can count on the United States, and our enemies know that we will not give them the descent, when they threaten American interests, she continued. — We strongly oppose the dangerous and destabilizing regimes that continue to violate their international obligations, as well as terrorist organizations such as ISIS (“Islamic state” banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) who lose their positions and run”.

The US Ambassador has mentioned North Korea, which, according to her, is under pressure “the most severe sanctions of the UN Security Council” and Iran, noting that the U.S. side “to share with the world concrete evidence of destabilizing actions” of Tehran.

Haley warned that the United States is “very closely watching” for those who support them in the UN, and who is not.

“America will continue to be a generous country, because it’s an American custom, but as the President said, we will no longer give a blank check to countries that act against us. For America it’s a new day, the great day,” said the diplomat.

Donald trump spoke on Tuesday with his first annual message to Congress “On the situation of the country.” During it the head of state paid attention as domestic political issues and topics of international importance. In particular, he continued to criticize the agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme, has promised to continue the fight against ISIS and to exert pressure on the DPRK and called for the modernization of the US nuclear Arsenal. In addition, he said Russia and China are rivals, putting them on a par with “regimes-the rogue States” and terrorist groups that challenge American interests, economy and values.