Zorkin reassigned to the position of head of the constitutional court

Zorkin reassigned to the position of head of the constitutional court

Moscow. 31 Jan. INTERFAX.RU — the Federation Council at session on Wednesday have appointed Valery Zorkin to the post of Chairman of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation.

According to the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, the senators took a “very right decision”.

It is an absolute professional, completely honest man, very decent, independent. This is the person who has the highest standing in the profession and in General in Russia. Biography of Valery Dmitrievich flawless.Valentine Matvienkova Of The Federation Council

Speaking at the session of the constitutional court on Wednesday, Zorkin noted that the constitutional court judges often make decisions that do not coincide with the opinion of the majority of citizens, in particular, on the question of the death penalty.

“Of course, not everyone is happy with the Constitutional court, and it is difficult to count, of course, that all were happy”, — said Zorkin.

For example, he said, we are talking about the decision on the question of the death penalty in Russia. “In accordance with the provisions of the COP, the death penalty in Russia is not applied, although the relevant article remains in the Criminal code of Russia. It should be noted that while approximately 60-70% of the population supported to for especially grave crimes against life of the people was the death penalty,” said he.

But constitutional court judges, according to V. Zorkin, based on the fact that “in connection with the commitments undertaken when joining the Council of Europe, it was impossible to do otherwise.” “It was a difficult decision at that balance, which then existed”, — said the head of the COP.

Zorkin was the judge and the COP President in 1991-1993…., the judge of KS in gg 1993-2003…., in 2003, he was re-elected President of the COP and is it for the moment.

Valery Zorkin 18 Feb turns 75 years old. The next term of office of the chair will be his fifth in a row.