Died the oldest man on the planet

Died the oldest man on the planet

MADRID, 30 Jan — RIA Novosti. The oldest man on the planet, Francisco núñez Olivera died in Spain in December last year he was 113 years old, said on his Twitter page, Chairman of the government of the Autonomous community of Extremadura, Guillermo fernández Vara.

Descansa en paz buen hombre. Hasta siempre Marchena pic.twitter.com/dhYPB8fOns

— Guillermo Fdez Vara (@GFVara) 30 Jan 2018

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For Breakfast every day Francisco ate a cupcake and drank a liquid yogurt. Pressure even at a very advanced age was excellent, blood sugar normal, have a longevity not identified any serious diseases.

Oliver was born on 13 Dec 1904 in Bienvenida, a small town South of Badajoz (Autonomous community Extremadura), where live about two thousand people. Here he lived all his life. The locals called it Marchena — in my youth it was similar to the famous Seville artist flamenco Pepe Marchena (1903-1976).

The mayor of Bienvenida Antonio Carmona stated that the death of Francisco “became a pain for all residents.”

“Everybody loved him for the smile, for his words, for as he spoke,” — said the mayor of Bienvenida in an interview with EFE.

The man was a member of the Spanish-Franco-Moroccan war 1921-1926 years of the colonial war of France and Spain against the Berber Emirate Reef, which was created after the rebellion in North Morocco.

Have Francisco has a daughter Antonia, who lived with him my whole life and cared for him until the last day, 97-year-old brother and 93-year-old sister. The oldest man on the planet called themselves the “grandfather of the world.”

The authorities of the town will declare a state of mourning.