Media: British intelligence angered the words of Williamson about the “Russian threat»

Media: British intelligence angered the words of Williamson about the “Russian threat»

MOSCOW, January 28 — RIA Novosti. Members of British intelligence “was furious” because of the statements of the head of the Ministry of defense of Gavin Williamson about the “aggressive plans of Moscow”, the newspaper the Sunday Times, citing military sources.

Earlier Williamson in an article for the Daily Telegraph expressed the opinion that “Moscow is developing a plan for the destruction of the critical infrastructure of the United Kingdom”.

“People in the Centre of the UK government communications (GCHQ) was furious,” said the source, noting that the Minister could use classified information, partly obtained from the allies of great Britain. The disclosure of these data could undermine the cooperation of London, with partners, he added.

On assessment other source in the British military intelligence, applications of Williamson was “amateurish”. “No one has ever gone so far in the quantitative assessment of the potential risk of death in the case of devastating attacks on British infrastructure by Russia or any other hostile country. We would not want to deal with speculation and panic,” said the source.

The defense Ministry official denied reports that Williamson disclosed information was confidential, but confirmed that the Agency received from the British foreign Ministry complaint in connection with the “tone” of the statements of the Minister.

The official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov, commenting on the statement by the British Minister, has said that he “seems to have lost the understanding of the boundaries of reason”, and fears of Wilson “worthy of reflection in children’s comics or the TV series “Monty Python: the flying circus”.