Bill gates has invested in the creation of the perfect cow

Bill gates has invested in the creation of the perfect cow

Microsoft founder bill gates has invested in a commercial project of breeding the perfect cow. It is reported portal Business Insider.

The billionaire has donated more than 28 million pounds (40 million dollars), a nonprofit organization GALVmed, specializing in the creation of vaccines for livestock and genetics. It is based at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland).

Scientists intend to breed in the new breed cows traits of European and African individuals — high performance and endurance in hot conditions. “We can get a cow with the same stamina will produce four times more milk” — leads edition of the words of gates.

Gates is confident that the breeding and development of milk production will help in the fight against poverty and hunger, despite the warnings of climate scientists that these sectors lead to further degradation of the environment.

According to the organizers of the world economic forum in Davos, the state of Microsoft founder 72.5 billion. He lost the title of richest man in the world the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos ($105 billion). Thus, according to estimates by Bloomberg, the combined wealth of the gates could reach $ 150 billion at the end of 2017, if not for his love for charity.