Tweets of Donald trump brought the world to the Apocalypse

Tweets of Donald trump brought the world to the Apocalypse

Journal of the University of Chicago, “Bulletin of the atomic scientists” annually holds the special conference, which represents the image of the conventional hours, counting down until the day of judgment. Midnight on them symbolizes a nuclear cataclysm. This year arrow was moved ahead 30 seconds — now from the end of the world humanity is just two minutes.


Reasons why humanity has become even closer to the end of the world, several. But the main confrontation between the US and the DPRK, said during a press conference scientists. At the same time predict the development of events in this story is almost impossible, since one side of the conflict is Kim Jong-UN does not want to negotiate and the continuing testing of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and the other — Donald trump, who has a habit of writing everything he can think of on Twitter. Often his posts contain direct attacks towards the North Korean leader and only aggravate the situation, said the scientists.

Another reason a military nature is the failure of negotiations on arms control between the US and Russia, USA and Iran.

“The United States and Russia continue to conduct military exercises near NATO’s borders, thus violating the Treaty of elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles, the increasing nuclear Arsenal and avoid negotiations on arms control”, — reads the statement of the journal. Thus, the scientists, the world again was on the verge of a nuclear arms race. It at the time, led to the fact that the hand of the clock was as close to “midnight” — it was in 1953. Then, the Soviet Union and the United States with a difference of only nine months have tested their thermonuclear bombs. Closer to a nuclear Holocaust of mankind, according to scientists, was never.

Especially when we are talking about the impact on the presidential election at the expense of falsifying the data and stuffing information in the media. Another problem that worries scientists is climate change. The situation in this area in recent years has only worsened. While the report notes that the administration of Donald trump made the “unwise and inefficient” the decision on termination of the policy of the fight against climate change, the foundations of which were laid by Barack Obama, as well as on withdrawal from the Treaty of Paris. “In their desire to renounce rational climate and energy policy, the Bush administration has ignored scientific facts and sound economic analyses,” reads the report.

However, despite the complexity of the formed situation, humanity has everything to change your future for the better, said the researchers. “Of course, there is a place for hope. The hope that citizens are mobilized and forced their politicians to make a choice that will take us all from the brink”.