Left a patient on the street in Sochi, nurses will be fired

Left a patient on the street in Sochi, nurses will be fired

Review of the incident also will be conducted by the Prosecutor’s office.

SOCHI, January 25. /TASS/. Department of health Sochi audited after appearing in a video with nurses who evacuated patients from the hospital and left him on the street, nurses will be laid off, told in a press-management service. The Prosecutor’s office of Krasnodar Krai TASS reported that its review will hold that office.

On Thursday in the Internet appeared the message that the two nurses taken from hospital patient on a gurney in critical condition and left him near the garages. The recording was attached to a video where you can see that the man lying at the garage, picks up the ambulance. In management of health care of Sochi reported that in-service inspection confirmed the incident, while nurses said that the patient for some time been in the hospital for treatment, and then he asked him to write.

During the download an error has occurred.

“A person can refuse medical care, it is their inalienable right, but such a desire must be in writing. We highly condemn the actions of the medical staff, will be taken the most stringent measures — we are preparing documents for their dismissal. Currently the service check is ongoing for the head of the Department”, — the press service quoted the head of the Marina Vardazaryan.

In office of public Prosecutor of the region, TASS reported that finding out the circumstances of the incident. “Being tested,” — said the representative office.