Turkish troops launched a new offensive in Afrin

Turkish troops launched a new offensive in Afrin

ANKARA, Jan 22 — RIA Novosti. Turkish troops launched an attack on Afrin from a new direction — from the town of Azaz in Northwest Syria, Anadolu Agency reports citing a military source.


Azaz, located to the East of Afrin came under the control of the moderate Syrian opposition and Turkish forces after the operation “shield of the Euphrates” in 2016.

Afrin hold the formation of the Syrian democratic forces (SDF), consisting of the Kurdish-Arab groups. In the morning, in the command of the SDF said about the attack Azaza. According to the Kurds, their fighters are eliminated, the six “Pro-Turkish fighters”, three more were taken prisoner. The Turkish army tried to prevent the Kurds by firing artillery from their positions in the villages of Dikmetas and Kestel.

The attack on Afrin

On Saturday, Ankara launched the operation “Olive branch” against the forces of the Kurds in Afrin. Damascus condemned Turkey’s actions, accusing it of supporting terrorists.

On Sunday, Anadolu reported that the military forces and the forces of the opposition Free Syrian army has advanced deep into Afrin for five miles. Today, however, the representative of the Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow Rodi Osman said the Turkish troops and the “related group” retreated, leaving the city.

Ankara considers the fighters of the SDF by terrorists affiliated with the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party. As stated by the Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan, the troops leave Syria, once achieved the objectives of the operation in ‘ afrīn.

The Kremlin has called on all parties to exercise restraint and to respect territorial integrity of Syria.