Medvedev: robotics will lead to higher salaries

Medvedev: robotics will lead to higher salaries

Robotics will help to overcome the labor shortage in Russia, and also to raise the salaries of already employed citizens, said the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He stated this today, January 16, in the framework of the Gaidar forum, the correspondent Indicator.Ru.

“It is believed that the increase in unemployment is the direct and inevitable consequence of automation and robotics, — said Medvedev. — New technologies, for example, can help to cope with the shortage of labor in those countries where this is relevant, including, by the way, in our country. Russia because of the consequences of decreasing birth rates in the near future, will indeed experience such problems. And robotics, automation in this case, can play a positive role in the labour market, not to boost unemployment, but rather to create the conditions for increased productivity and reasonable wage growth,” — said the Prime Minister.

Gaidar forum is a permanent discussion platform for discussion of topical issues of our time. The forum is held since 2010 in memory of the scientist-economist Yegor Gaidar. The leading place in the discussions of the forum are topics relating to the position and strategic role of Russia in the world. The forum is held in Russian Academy of national economy and public administration.