Khanty spirits dressed in the uniforms of Russian officials

Khanty spirits dressed in the uniforms of Russian officials

Northern Khanty prefer to clothe their spirits-patrons in the uniform of the XVIII—XIX centuries. Researchers from the Tyumen scientific center SB RAS believe that this was done to emphasize the high social status of perfume. Dedicated to this article was published in the journal “Bulletin of Archeology, anthropology and Ethnography”.

In the view of many peoples of the North guardian spirits live together with humans impact on his life, and therefore you need to treat them with appropriate respect, and to dress well. The study authors noted that the clothes the North Khanty put on your perfume, you’ll be fit and ornaments from the traditional. “She is represented by two types, — says Aksana Bogojeva, researcher, Institute of problems of development of the North SB RAS. — The first included clothing sample, the second is the one that imitates it”.

Common features of clothes of the first type historian considers that it was made mostly out of cloth and decoration served metal buttons and Zolotaya embroidery, according to the article. Clothes of the second type appeared due to the fact that decayed on the idol clothes needed to be replaced. Because the same uniform to get it was problematic, Khanty resorted to simulation.

A particularly important distinguishing features of such garments was a metal hemispherical buttons, which were sewn in a row on each side. Often these buttons were professional or a state emblem.

“If this sign is correlated with the traditional symbolism of the Khanty, these buttons were given a higher status; they bartered, bought and used to decorate the robes of the figures of the spirits-patrons”, — said Aksana Bogodeeva.

The main attribute that determines the high social status of clothing, and jewelry, in this case metal buttons sewn in a row along the edge “uniforms”. That such clothing was associated at the Khanty power and was an attribute that sums up the researcher.