Catherine Deneuve apologized to victims of sexual violence because of the letter in support of men

Catherine Deneuve apologized to victims of sexual violence because of the letter in support of men

Moscow. January 15. INTERFAX.RU French actress Catherine Deneuve has apologized to victims of sexual violence for the distress that it brought to them, signing a joint letter of the French team in support of the rights of men to provide favors women, according to French media.

“I apologize to all victims of violent actions that may have been upset by a letter published in the newspaper Le Monde. With them, and only them, I’m sorry,” said the actress in a new letter published by the newspaper Liberation.

Deneuve said that refuses signatures in support of the first letter, and condemned those who interpret it incorrectly.

The text does not say that harassment is good.Catherine Deneuve

Deneuve said that the main reason for signing the original letter was that “the danger of cleaning in art”. She pointed to the example of deleting scenes with the actor, accused of sexual harassment, from the finished film (it probably was about the painting Ridley Scott’s “All the money in the world” where Kevin spacey was replaced by Christopher Plummer because of the harassment scandal).

Whether we call Leonardo da Vinci an artist, a pedophile and destroy his paintings? Remove Paul Gauguin from museums? Destroy the works of Egon Schiele? Disable the music of Phil Spector? Such censorship makes me speechless and makes you worry about the future of our society. Catherine Deneuve

Also, the actress said that it protects women’s rights and recalled that in 1971 it supported the Manifesto of the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir in defense of women’s right to abortion, which at that time was punishable by criminal prosecution.

Last week about 100 representatives of the French intelligentsia, including Deneuve, have signed an open letter in which he expressed support for the right of men to provide favors to the women. In the letter they insisted that “rape is a crime, courtship, even persistent, not.”

The scandal of sexual harassment mostly women in Hollywood erupted in October last year. It began with the publication of the investigation of the newspaper The New York Times about producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of sexual harassment by dozens of women, including Actresses angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman and female-founded companies.

During the scandal, both created by Weinstein and his brother, the company announced the removal of the producer from the duties of the General Director and his actress wife Georgina Chapman filed for divorce.

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