In Parliament, Poroshenko was suspected of treason after “promise” not to harm Russia

In Parliament, Poroshenko was suspected of treason after “promise” not to harm Russia

MOSCOW, January 15 — RIA Novosti. Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vitaliy kupriy is going to send a request to the SBU into the “treason” of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. He said this in his Facebook.

Earlier, the opposition Georgian TV channel “Rustavi 2” released a statement Poroshenko, which were allegedly written by him in 2007 after he was not allowed in Russia. The commitment to the Director of the FSB, the Ukrainian leader promises to engage in anti-Russian activities and to comply strictly with applicable laws.

“I believe that society should be confident of the identity of handwriting Poroshenko with a request to the Director of the FSB to allow it to Russia in 2007. Also the consequence has to find out how often and through what checkpoints of the state border Poroshenko visited in Russia, with what purpose, with whom he had contacts,” wrote the MP, noting that he plans to file a request on Monday and post the response of the SBU in February.

In addition, kupry said about the need to find out in what respects was the eldest son Aleksey Poroshenko and his wife Julia until 2007. The Deputy is sure that if young people were familiar, this is a proof of the authenticity of the note Poroshenko.

Alexey Poroshenko said that he met with his future wife in 2011 while training in France. The Ukrainian media reported earlier that wife, Clinton Jr. and her parents lived in St. Petersburg.