The government has identified the best mass media of Russia

The government has identified the best mass media of Russia

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will present on Monday the government prize of Russia in the field of media, awarded for 2017. This is the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

One of the ten prizes are traditionally awarded for choosing the Prime Minister. Dmitry Medvedev proposed to posthumously award former editor-in-chief of the magazine “cinema Art” Daniel Dondurei.

Other winners were four journalists and five teams. Each winning applicant will receive one million roubles.

For the 2017 award winning host of “world of animals” Nikolai Drozdov “for the special contribution to development of mass media”, Margaret Lange “for a series of publications on inter-ethnic relations”, Igor Svinarenko “for a series of journalistic works that have become iconic in the history of modern Russian journalism” and the General Director of TV company “Friday” Nicholas Kartozia “for a new creative TV formats”.

Also awards will be given to the staff of the First channel for broadcast of the naval parade in St. Petersburg, the Krasnoyarsk team information television TVK — 6 channel “for long-term work on the development of quality regional TV channel”, the journalists of the incident of “Kommersant” for a series on corruption investigations, the staff of the publishing house “Postnauka”. Workers of the information portal “Such cases” awarded “for the creation of a new format of an information portal for support and development of philanthropy in Russia”.