Radiohead accused Lana Del Rey of plagiarism

Radiohead accused Lana Del Rey of plagiarism

MOSCOW, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti. British band Radiohead accuses singer Lana Del Rey in plagiarism, the American singer declared readiness for trial.

“About the lawsuit is true. Although I know that my song was not inspired by the song Creep, Radiohead, the group believes it was and they want to get 100% from the publication — I suggested that up to 40% over the past few months, but they receive only a hundred. Their lawyers were relentless, so we deal with this in court,” the singer wrote on Twitter.

Earlier edition of The Sun reported that the group’s accusing Lana Del Rey of plagiarism as her song Get Free like their song Creep. According to a source, the group intends “or to compensation, or to seek to make themselves the sponsors of the song to receive royalties”.

A song by the British band was released in 1992. Radiohead themselves were accused of partial borrowing of music from the song The Air That I Breathe, the Hollies, written in 1972.