The jet lag body accelerates the growth of tumors

The jet lag body accelerates the growth of tumors

American scientists have found that, in violation of isolating the protein Bmal1, which is responsible for the daily biorhythm of the body, the cancer cells begin to grow actively. The results of the study can be found in the journal Nature Cell Biology.

In order for cells, including cancer, can grow and divide, they need to allocate large amounts of proteins and amino acids. However, only a few proteins fold correctly, so the body starts the reaction of unfolded proteins. This reaction inhibits the synthesis of new proteins and allows old to curl up to the end, otherwise their accumulation can lead to cell death.

Scientists have found that cancer cells have learned to manage this reaction, if necessary, to slow down protein synthesis and thereby avoid a large number of unfolded proteins.

The authors conducted a series of experiments, in which artificially induced the unfolded protein response in cells of osteosarcoma. During this reaction the level of protein Bmal1, which is responsible for circadian rhythms in the night, and during daylight hours was low, although last night was supposed to rise. Cancer cells gave no response to unfolded proteins fail to Bmal1 protein synthesis began and did not prevent accelerated tumor growth.

“All normal cells in the body have circadian rhythms. We have shown that if you restart the biorhythms in cancer cells, we can slow down their division,” — said Yuven BU, one of the authors of the article, graduate student lab lipidomic, pathology and therapy, medical University of South Carolina.