Russia resumed development of reusable rockets

Russia resumed development of reusable rockets

Russian State rocket center named after academician V. P. Makeyev (SRC) is developing a reusable rocket. This was reported by the General designer of the company Vladimir Degtyar, reports on Tuesday, January 2, “Interfax”.

According to him, is a fully reusable, single-stage booster vertical takeoff and landing “Crown”. The project was frozen in 2012, and now resumed.

Degtyarev noted that to date, the U.S. has already worked out the technology of soft landing the first stage booster of the Falcon and its re-use. “Our development of the carrier rocket “Crown” — in contrast to the us does not have detachable steps and is actually a space ship soft takeoff and landing, which opens the way to the realization of the far interplanetary missions with crews on Board,” he said.

SRC is one of the largest research and design centers of Russia for development of space-rocket technology. From 1992 to 2012, the center has been working on the “Crown”, in particular, identified the key technical and technological solutions. Then the project have frozen from-for absence of financing.

The first stage of the rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX the American company may be re-used. Her equipment is installed for a refund and vertical landing on a landing pad or a floating platform. In October 2017, the stage caught fire immediately after landing on the offshore platform.

In December the American company Blue Origin has tested the system reusable New Shepard 3. The launch and landing of the same missiles and upgraded capsules have been found to be successful.