The CEC told about the method of checking signatures for authenticity

The CEC told about the method of checking signatures for authenticity

MOSCOW, 2 Jan — RIA Novosti. Experienced handwriting of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation and the latest technology make it easy to detect counterfeit signatures provided to the CEC by the presidential candidates, to deceive them is impossible, said in an interview with RIA Novosti member of the Central election Commission of Russia Evgeny Shevchenko.

“The CEC has purchased the latest technology, which can distinguish the smallest details in signature. The work will involve leading experts in handwriting from the FSB, interior Ministry, Ministry of justice. The signature of each person is unique, as a fingerprint of a finger or earlobe, it contains unique identifying characteristics that each person has their own. When you want to cheat and put the signature first with the right hand, then left hand, all is revealed. It is impossible to deceive, experienced handwriting and perfect technique easy to verify this and identify fraud,” — said CEC member.

He recalled that article 142 of the criminal code establishes up to 3 years imprisonment for falsification of signatures of voters.

According to Shevchenko, in the case of violation of the law this article “is applied to the collector of signatures and to the persons certifying the signature sheets, as it can be authorized party, authorized representatives of the candidate or even the candidate himself”.