Took on his chest: why Britain sobering-up stations

Took on his chest: why Britain sobering-up stations

Let’s be honest: in countries where alcohol is not prohibited, the holidays are usually associated with increased consumption of alcohol. The problem is that alcohol is not always consumed in reasonable quantities.

The British well-known phenomenon called binge drinking. In Russian language this phrase can be translated as “speed…”, which is the process, when for a short time on the breast was adopted by the maximum possible amount of alcohol.

Obviously, this sudden overload of the human organism does not stand up and falls softly in some remote area, sometimes completely disconnected consciousness.

If this organism has comrades who are still somehow able to link a few words to poke a finger in the phone, over the collapsed body of the ambulance arrives.

Who is to save drunkards?

For many years the United Kingdom this honorable duty was entrusted to the National health care system.

Everyone in the country knows that except for the most acute situations of type a heart attack or broken in four places legs on Friday or Saturday evening in the emergency room ambulance is better not to go.

Statistics are actually pretty frightening: if in usual days the quantity of victims of peripety or peripeteia of citizens in admissions amounts to 11-12% in weekends and holidays it grows to 70%.

This means that ambulance instead of rushing to the core and sick old people, forced to deliver to hospitals perfectly healthy men and women who have lost a sense of the alcohol measures.

It came to the point that one of the main officials from the British health Steven Stevens angrily declared: “We are a national healthcare system, not the national system of sobering up!”.