Browder urged to suspend Russia’s membership in Interpol

Browder urged to suspend Russia’s membership in Interpol

The founder of Hermitage Capital, William Browder, has accused Russia of abusing its rights as a non-Interpol country.

“Russia turns to Interpol for the sixth time in my arrest after five previous requests were rejected as illegitimate and politically motivated. Time for Interpol to suspend Russia’s membership for flagrant abuse of the Interpol system,” Browder wrote in his Twitter.

The last request for Browder, directed by Russia in the system of Interpol, was “deemed inappropriate in the course of its consideration by the General Secretariat”, reported the organization.

Call Browder was the day of completion in Russia of another of the proceedings against him. On Friday, December 29, the Tver Moscow court found Browder guilty of tax evasion and the withdrawal of funds from the accounts of the company “Distant steppe”. The court ruled in absentia to recover from him and his partner Ivan Cherkasov RUB 4.2 billion, the court Also fined Browder 200 thousand rubles., it is prohibited to engage in entrepreneurial activities on the territory of Russia.

Cherkasova, in addition, was sentenced to eight years imprisonment and fined 200 thousand rubles.

Now Browder and Cherkasov are resident in the UK. In 2013, Browder was convicted in absentia and sentenced to nine years imprisonment in the case of financial fraud and evasion of Hermitage Capital tax evasion. In the same case in 2008, were arrested by the auditor of Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

Browder insisted that Magnitsky’s arrest is that he uncovered a scheme to withdraw funds from the Russian budget.

In 2009, Magnitsky died in a detention center “Matrosskaya Tishina”, then the case against him was dropped. Browder launched a worldwide campaign to punish the perpetrators of the theft and the death of a lawyer. In 2012, the U.S. Congress passed the Magnitsky act, which has brought the persons involved, according to Washington, to the death of the auditor. They were forbidden to enter the USA, their assets in this country were frozen. The analogue of “Magnitsky act” adopted in Britain, Canada, Lithuania and in the European Parliament.

Fund Browder of Hermitage Capital Management from 1995 to 2006, was one of the largest foreign investment structures in Russia.