“VKontakte” announced the winners of the first music award VK Music Awards

“VKontakte” announced the winners of the first music award VK Music Awards

30 most popular songs of the year received a special mark.

Social network “Vkontakte” announced Monday the winners of its first own music awards VK Music Awards. The most listened song was “Pink wine” performed by the Duo of LJ and Feduk — the year the users of the social network included more than 200 million times.

The top 30 most popular songs also included “Melting the ice” (“Mushrooms”), Despacito (Luis Fonsi conquering such markets), “will Spend” (Egor Krid), “Rukalitso” (“Scrooge”), “Mists” (Max Barskih) and others. 30 main tracks of the year published in a special playlist music section of “Vkontakte”, in addition, all prize-winners on the year — to award the following prizes — received a special mark “VK Music Awards Winner”.

Today a lot of musicians become popular because of “Vkontakte”, and this trend will develop. VK music as the main platform of Russia and CIS countries provides a huge opportunity for authors of any magnitude and their fans.Alexander Krugovichi marketing “Vkontakte”

He added that in 2017 a large-scale social network has updated its music service, and therefore “its own music awards is the logical conclusion of the year.”

The broadcast of the award ceremony, which was led by artist Pavel Volya, had been viewed over 4 million times, but the number of hits continues to grow.

“VKontakte” — the largest European social network. Every month the resource is visited by more than 97 million users, and the number of users on mobile devices reaches 80 million people. Active audience built-in messenger “Vkontakte” is 82 million monthly.