Routers “Voentelekoma” led to the CEO

Routers “Voentelekoma” led to the CEO

Alexander Davydov was arrested on suspicion of involvement in especially large fraud.

As it became known “Kommersant”, in Moscow, was detained Director General of JSC “Voentelekom” Alexander Davydov. He is suspected of embezzling about half a billion rubles during the implementation of the state contracts concluded with the Ministry of defence for supply of routers, as well as the implementation of supervision over a satellite link. At work Mr Davydov was raided. Earlier defendants in the criminal case became the first Deputy General Director of “Voentelekoma” Oleg Savitsky, a former adviser to General Director Dmitry Semiletov and CEO of the company-contractor LLC “Arsey” Tatiana Ilyina.

Searches in an office office, and then in the car of the General Director of JSC “Voentelekom” Alexander Davydov the presence of witnesses the employees of the Main military investigation Department (GVSU) SKR and FSB investigators spent Monday morning. After that, Mr. Davydov showed the resolution on detention for 48 hours as a suspect and took him into the building GVSU for questioning. All these activities were carried out within investigation of criminal case about swindle in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code), instituted in 2013 on the basis of material obtained from the Chief military Prosecutor (GWP).

Alexander Davydov headed “Voentelekom” in February 2013, and for four years headed the JSC “research Institute “Scale””. When it “Voentelekom” has entered the top-20 largest IT-companies of Russia, implementing more than a dozen investment projects in the field of R & d and having developed more than 20 samples of modern equipment for the Ministry of defense, Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of justice, FSB and FSO Russia.

As stated in the materials of the investigation, top managers of JSC “Voentelekom”, concluding with the defence Ministry contracts for the supply of equipment, among which routers (routers), as well as to exercise supervision over a satellite communication system, used various schemes to substantially inflate the cost of products and also receive a double payment for the provision of services.

For example, in one router, the Ministry of defense paid 1 million rubles, while its market cost, according to estimates of the investigation, did not exceed 350 thousand rubles At the same time, it is worth noting, a provider of software were controlled by the defendants, OOO “Emzior”, and the intellectual owner of these developments was a firm “Emzior technology”, headed by the sister of the head of “Voentelekoma” Olga Davydova. According to preliminary estimates of military investigators, only two contracts the management of “Voentelekoma” thus stole more than 460 million rubles.

According to sources, “b”, GVSU today intends to apply to the Khamovnicheskiy district court about the arrest of Alexander Davydov.

As previously reported by “Kommersant”, in early December of this year in the framework of the criminal case military investigators first arrested, and then in the Khamovniki court have made arrest until February of next year, first Deputy General Director of “Voentelekoma” Oleg Savitsky, a former adviser to Alexander Davydov, Dmitry Semiletova and General Director of OOO “Arsey” Tatiana Ilyina.

After being questioned at GVSU in the status of the witness was only the Treasurer of JSC Yevgeny Jilkov. Note that in court the defense claimed that the damage to the defense Ministry so far, as one of the appearing in the case of contracts not completed.

It remains to recall that the predecessor of Alexander Davydov at the head of “Voentelekoma” Nikolai Tamodin in 2015, was sentenced by the Savelovsky district court of Moscow to six years of imprisonment for the embezzlement of funds allocated for implementation of defense contracts. The damage is estimated at 714 million rubles.

Yury Senatorov