Russians named the main motives of the “slope” of the army

Russians named the main motives of the “slope” of the army

The main motive for “slope” from service in army the Russians called bullying (51 percent), and the threat of death in the hot spot (40 percent). It is reported by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) on Tuesday, December 26.

General level of approval of activity of the Russian Armed forces, according to the autumn study, has reached a historic high (88 per cent), despite the poor awareness of most respondents about the situation in the army (52 percent).

84 people out of every hundred in recent years, increased combat readiness of the Russian armed forces. The main reason cited modernization of equipment and weapons.

Negative to living conditions of soldiers are eight percent of respondents have a positive to 64%.

Significantly more of those who wants to see the armed forces of their relatives (68 percent, up from 52 five years ago).

78 percent of respondents believe that the Russian military was able to achieve its goals in Syria, 54 percent supported the continuation of the war against terrorism outside of Russia.

Two-thirds of Russians believe real military threat to the country from other States. Almost all respondents (93%) are now confident that the army can protect her. Four years ago I thought so 66 percent of respondents.

The study was conducted in October and November, it included several surveys as among ordinary citizens and among the military, and members of their families and people of pre-conscription age (16-18 years).