Topilin explained how to obtain new benefits for newborn twins

Topilin explained how to obtain new benefits for newborn twins

MOSCOW, 26 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Minister of labour and social protection of Russia Maxim Topilin explained how you can get a new allowance on the first and second child in case of twins.

Earlier, the Minister had said at the birth of twins or the twins, “children are not born at the same time… anyway, someone first and someone second” first gets the first allowance for the first child and the second for the second, from different sources.

Money on benefits to families who had a second child, will be allocate at the expense of means of the parent capital. His size will be a monthly decrease in the amount of the payment.

According to the Minister, for payment to the first child’s mother to contact the social security authorities. The second — in the territorial bodies of the Pension Fund of Russia. You can also go to the MFC on both payments.

“If it’s the twins first, if the family had no children, and income lower than a living wage, the parents can apply for the first child in the social protection agencies, by second — pension Fund simultaneously with the parent capital,” — said Topilin.

He added that he does not have an allowance for a second child, each family should make her own decision about what software to use. “Maybe they’ll decide not to receive payments from the parent capital only for the first child to receive benefits and maternity capital will be directed to a mortgage, especially, will work rate of 6%,” — said the Minister.

To introduce in Russia the monthly payments at the birth of the first or second child earlier proposed by President Vladimir Putin. The right to receive the money are citizens of the Russian Federation permanently residing in the country. Financial support to families with a child born or adopted after 1 January 2018.