The former lawyer of Navalny’s campaign staff announced the failure of his presidential campaign

The former lawyer of Navalny’s campaign staff announced the failure of his presidential campaign

Former Deputy coordinator of the Moscow headquarters of Alexei Navalny, a lawyer Vitaly Strokanov announced that the campaign for verification of signatures in support of the policy has failed. About this he wrote in his Facebook.

“Verification of signatures by region failed completely, hence the absence of at least some statistics on it, which for a long time require to disclose donors,” wrote Sarukhanov, adding that the headquarters of the opposition for three months was verified by 14,000 signatures collected in the regions of the necessary 250 000.

According to Sarukhanova, the failure of the campaign to blame the head of the election headquarters of Bulk Leonid Volkov.

He, according to the lawyer, “has not invented anything new, except through the sea of detentions, arrests and the negative resonance to avoid answering questions about the causes of the failure of the campaign, primarily tactical.”

Writes Sarukhanov, the meeting of initiative group on the nomination of the Bulk is the “circus and clown”, which in fact are irrelevant to the professional preparation for delivery of documents to the CEC.

Also the lawyer has posted a video on YouTube where said Navalny, who criticized Sarukhanova after he post in Facebook. According to Sarukhanova, the opposition was “strange reaction” to this post. “Instead of hounding me to arrange, come out to the debate — turned Sarukhanov to Bulk. — I am ready to answer all your questions.”

Sarukhanov, in addition, asked Bulk “properly explain” his supporters that the meeting on 24 December in Moscow, is not agreed: “Yes, they go there at your own risk, but you can also say how it threatens them”.

According to Sarukhanova, the headquarters of Navalny does not help the detainees in the disputed rallies, and “is limited to a dummy support, lawyers send other people.”

The Moscow city court on 20 December overturned the decision of the Council of deputies of the Krasnoselsky municipal district of Moscow on 24 December a “Day of free elections”. The application for the rally was filed by the head of the Assembly of deputies of the district Ilya Yashin. Meshchansky Interdistrict Prosecutor’s office of Moscow has previously warned Yashin from uncoordinated events. With a request to put a policy warning to the Moscow Prosecutor Vladimir, asked the security Department of the municipality. City officials suspected that under the guise of festive events MP plans to hold a rally inconsistent.

According to Sarukhanova, December 24 — “this is a Rubicon, that little revolution in Volkovskaya”. “The leaders will sit as always on administrative arrests, ordinary citizens who come with good intentions, will get criminal prosecutions, criminal cases and then criminal terms. And then the names of their names no one will remember how it was with people from the [meeting] 26 Mar. Therefore, [the rally] on 24 December — it’s such an old trick FBK — to evade responsibility, to escape from the notorious failure of the usual revolutionary method, all the knocking on the government, which, incidentally, is obviously not coordinated this event,” said the lawyer in a published December 21, the video on YouTube.

As noted by the former Deputy of Navalny’s campaign staff, “there were”: “As the same event Dmitry Gudkov, which could encourage people, where one would not be detained. But the fact is that [Bulk] need detention, we need a wave of arrests, you need a lot of noise, you need to show that there is some prosecution of the company. Because otherwise the failure [of the election campaign Bulk] does not the fact that is not explained, it is not silenced. Now the main task is to make sure that no one really thought about that “well guys are crap””.