The initiative group has nominated Sergei Polonsky candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation

The initiative group has nominated Sergei Polonsky candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation

The businessman said that he plans on Sunday to hand over necessary documents to the CEC.

MOSCOW, December 24. /TASS/. The initiative group of citizens, which included 520 people, Sunday has put forward businessman Sergei Polonsky candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation. The event was held in the sports complex “Krylatskoe”.

Speaking to citizens, Polonsky outlined his election program. “Today we should be developing. There is such a profession — developers”, — he said, Recalling his 25-year experience developer.

Policy for the twentieth century showed that they are not able to lead the world to more or less equal to the situation, entrepreneurs are more pragmatic, they are not interested in creating conflicts.Sergei Polonsky

The independent candidate in this regard drew attention that in the last presidential election in States won by his colleague in the profession, and reported that he and Donald trump on a number of projects were “one and the same architects and designers”. “The future for people who know how to build,” he said.

Polonsky suggested to treat Russia as a great development project and above all to reduce the cost of borrowing for businesses.

“Russia declared economic war, if the business is not protected in the country, we will not have the resources to move forward,” he added. Among other ideas of the businessman is to achieve the relocation of the state Duma and the Federation Council in a complex “Moscow-city”. “Our motto is for everyone,” he concluded.

The meeting of the initiative group, mostly made up of older women who passed very rapidly. Citizens in the back row actively debated with each other and Polonsky had to repeatedly shout their supporters and to urge them for calm. “If we can’t behave, we will then demand from the country?” — outraged businessman. Responding later to a question by TASS, Polonsky said that it plans to hand over necessary documents to the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation on Sunday.

Independent candidates must apply for promotion no later than January 7, candidates from parties not later than 12 January; after nomination for candidates comes the stage of collecting signatures. Polonsky as the independent candidate to register for presidential elections it is necessary to collect 300 thousand signatures of voters and within the region may be collected no more than 7.5 thousand signatures. To submit tips and documents for the registration will be possible from December 27 until January 31. Presidential elections will be held on 18 March 2018.