The resident won the lottery of $47 million

The resident won the lottery of $47 million

The winner’s name and city, which sold the winning ticket, the organizers of the lottery is not yet known.

OTTAWA, 23 Dec. /TASS/. Unknown resident of the province of Quebec won 60 million canadian dollars ($47 million) in the popular national lottery Lotto Max. On Saturday said the representatives of the Atlantic Lottery Association, which conducts in Canada about a dozen such pranks.

“The winning numbers— 13, 16, 19, 21, 24, 26, 30. The bonus number is 36,” said the organizers. Still do not know in what city this French-speaking province was sold a lucky ticket. According to the rules of the canadian lotteries to receive a prize must present to the organizers the winning ticket, and the winner’s name should be made public.

In addition, in the Christmas raffle (in Canada, Christmas is celebrated on December 25) was laid down from 32 “consolation” prize in the amount of one million dollars ($780 thousand) each. “16 of them were contested,” said the organizers.

The largest ever canadian jackpot of 64 million canadian dollars (at the time $49.5 million) was drawn in a lottery “6 of 49” in October 2015. Several times in the years 2015-2017 was fixed jackpots in the amount of 60 million canadian dollars in the Lotto Max. The amount of these winnings averaged $46 million.