Revealed the unexpected link between excess weight and income

Revealed the unexpected link between excess weight and income

MOSCOW, Dec 23 — RIA Novosti. The staff of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the United States examined data collected by scientists in the framework of the National programme of health screening and nutrition and found that women with high levels of income and higher education suffer from obesity less those who belong to the group with low incomes. The related report published on the organization’s website.

It turned out that only 31% of the participants from the group with the highest income were suffering from obesity, in the rest of the samples, the figure was 10% higher. Moreover, among those who have graduated from College, the disease was diagnosed in only 27.7 per cent. Most interesting was the fact that this dynamic is brighter manifested in women.

Blennioidei: blame genes or nutrition?Among women with low wages problems with excess weight have experienced 45,2%, while the participants of the survey of the “top” group have faced illness 29.7% of cases.

Among respondents from middle-income obesity diagnosed 42,9%. It is noted that such a trend is not characteristic of Hispanic and African American women.

Among men, the tendency to obesity was the most visible representatives of the group with an average income — the disease was documented in 38.5%.

Among the poor representatives of the stronger sex from overweight suffered 31.5%, among the rich is 32.6%. For this sample also proved to be correct, the thesis that higher education reduces the risk of developing this disease.