The newest British aircraft carrier costing £3 billion was leaking

The newest British aircraft carrier costing £3 billion was leaking

The latest British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” two weeks after the solemn descent to water sent in for repairs. The ship had sprung a leak.


As informs Bi-bi-si, after two weeks of sailing the aircraft carrier, which will become the flagship of the British fleet, began to gather 200 litres of water every hour. The audit showed that the reason was a defect made in the hull of the ship. In addition, the tests revealed a problem with one of the screws.

The representative of the Navy of great Britain confirmed that the ship was sent for repairs. According to him, the problem legkoobratimy and “Queen Elizabeth” will be back early next year.

According to the publication, the defense Ministry is concerned that the ship cost £3.1 billion so quickly failed. The displeasure was exactly what the aircraft carrier was found several problems.

The ship, named in honor of Queen Elizabeth I, is part of an ambitious program of modernizing the British fleet. In accordance with the contract with the American Lockheed Martin on the aircraft carrier must base the F-35, the staff and crew are undergoing training in the United States.

Last week with the problems faced by the us Navy. The newest destroyer Michael Monsoor was sent to the Doc because of problems with the electrics. Shipbuilders also assured that the repair will be short and the ship back in operation early next year.

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