Scientists have developed a device that can protect from harassment

Scientists have developed a device that can protect from harassment

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. Researchers from the school of medicine at Stanford University in USA have developed a device that allows you to suppress the brain activity that precedes impulsive behavior. With its help scientists hope to fight sexual harassment, harmful habits and addictions. Report on the work published on the University website.

In their study, physicians studied the so-called nucleus accumbens of the brain — the area responsible, in particular, for the feeling of pleasure from thinking about a possible reward. Scientists have managed to isolate the electrical signal that occurs for a few seconds before making impulsive actions.

During the experiments, the heads of experimental mice were implanted electrode that suppresses the area of the brain during meals and did not allow them to get pleasure from fatty foods. As a result, the rodents previously consuming high-calorie food without stopping, stopped to give her the preference.

“These impulses are necessary for human survival. They make a person perform acts for providing themselves with food, sex, sleep”, — said one of the study’s authors Casey Halpern. He noted that in some cases these signals lead to socially dangerous actions.

Earlier, British scientists have found that shopping can bring more pleasure than sex. The study notes that 84% of people attributed as “inspired by customers”, get during the shopping experience more satisfaction than during sex or winning the competition.