The head of the FSB was announced by the terrorist tactic of “Autonomous Jihad”

The head of the FSB was announced by the terrorist tactic of “Autonomous Jihad”

Alexander Bortnikov also said that international terrorists are changing their main base. However, they continue to threaten the countries of the CIS.


Speaking at the meeting of the Council of heads of security bodies and special services of the CIS, Bortnikov said that the terrorists change their pattern of their actions, and now rely on the tactic of “Autonomous Jihad”, reports the Agency “RIA Novosti”.

As explained by the Director of the FSB, leaders of international terrorist organizations focus their supporters on the killing of civilians, law enforcement officers. Their goals are the urban and social infrastructure.

Bortnikov also said that after the defeat in Syria and Iraq, terrorist organizations send their forces beyond the Middle East, particularly in Afghanistan. From there, they threaten including CIS, penetrating through the border with forged or false documents, disguised as refugees and displaced persons.

“In recent times we note a sharp increase in the number of criminals detected among migrant workers, tourist and other flows”, — said the Director of the FSB.

Last week in St. Petersburg, the security services detained a group of supporters of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). As it turned out, the bandits had planned a series of terrorist attacks in various cities of the country, including the explosion at the Kazan Cathedral.

Later President Vladimir Putin in a conversation with Donald trump thanked the head of the American administration for information on terrorists, provided Russia the Central intelligence Agency. Her, as the head of the Russian state, was enough to discover, track down and apprehend criminals.

Trump, in turn, said that the victims of the attack in St. Petersburg, which helped to prevent American intelligence services, could become thousands of people.