Putin spoke about the historic challenges to Russia

Putin spoke about the historic challenges to Russia

The President said that the country will have to respond to such challenges as the creation of a new economy, regional development and the welfare of citizens.

MOSCOW, December 19. /TASS/. Russia will have to respond to historical challenges, among which the development of the regions of the country, the creation of a new economy, technological revolution in medicine and education. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin on the forum front.

We need to adequately respond to the historic challenges: conservation and augmentation of our nation, creating a new economy, the development of the Arctic, the Far East, Siberia, all regions of our vast country, and finally, the challenge of the future, a real revolution in medical technology, in the technology itself, in the broad sense of the word, in education.Vladimir Putin

The head of state stressed that more needs to be done for the welfare of citizens, to overcome poverty and inequality in the society, because the level of these problems at the moment is still very high. Putin added that Russia has all possibilities to restore those competencies in which the Russian people has always been a leader.

“We will break through to new competencies that we need for development! No doubt, we must be leaders in knowledge, in intelligence, in social and cultural development, and of course, to preserve their identity, to draw on its best traditions. All of these tasks in the years ahead, and we must not stumble, or stray from the chosen course, otherwise you’ll have to start from scratch,” — said Putin.