Eight bad scenarios for 2028

Eight bad scenarios for 2028

According to the Agency Bloomberg “Handbook pessimist in 2028” in the coming decade, humanity may face such unpleasant scenes as a replacement of banks with cryptocurrency, the completion of the oil era, initiated by China trade war or political crisis in the United States. In total, the Agency’s analysts produced eight pessimistic scenarios, however, recognizing that it’s not predictions in the strict sense of the word, as “provocative ideas”.

Every year Bloomberg is the possible negative scenarios for the coming year, published on Monday “a pessimist Guide to 2028” intelligence Agency tried to “not only to see a potential upheaval next year, but also to assess how they can affect the next decade”.

The drafters of the Handbook recognize that it is not so much the predictions as “provocative ideas” that should prompt the reader to think about how quickly the world is changing.

The first scenario provides for the election of Donald trump for a second term in the United States. Gradually, voters are increasingly disillusioned with traditional political parties and increasingly vote various alternative forces, so that in the elections of 2028, no one can collect the required number of votes and the fight between the candidates continues until the inauguration ceremony in 2029. The second scenario — the “fake news will kill Facebook,” in accordance with him, the online platform experienced increasing fragmentation. In this regard, the level of misinformation rises sharply, so that in 2028 55% of Russians believe that trump became a life President of the United States, as a fake video with his coronation speech was published on the platform dedicated to Russian nationalism.

In accordance with the third scenario, bitcoin replaces banks. By 2028, the global financial system becomes a complex and fragmented mix of different cryptocurrencies and payment systems, and the bitcoin price reaches $1 million

The fourth scenario assumes that the DPRK in 2018, will launch the missile that landed 20 miles off the West coast of the United States. After the sudden death of Kim Jong-UN, to 2028 in North Korea installed a puppet regime, China will Annex Taiwan, Japan returns to nuclear weapons development, and Asia is actively involved in the arms race.

In accordance with the fifth scenario, the negotiations on the “Broksita” out of control, and the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom becomes the leader of labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. He is implementing a socialist program, increases taxes, so the big bankers flee the UK. Socialism is back with a vengeance, and the UK by 2028 becomes a high-risk emerging economies and close to default. The sixth scenario — “war of the generations is destroying Europe.” According to it the President of France Emmanuel macron to the next year will have to carry out pension reform, under pressure from pensioners, and to power in Italy comes 80-year-old Silvio Berlusconi. By 2028 the strength gain of various youth movements, the youth refused to pay taxes, which will be paid pensions. Increasingly, the EU is falling apart, Scotland is voting for independence from great Britain, Catalonia is separated from Spain and Belgium is divided into three parts.

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In the seventh scenario , China will start a trade war. In 2018 China strike the most powerful natural disasters, including floods and typhoons, this is due to climate change. China moves to electric vehicles, and requires other countries to strictly observe the Paris agreement and to limit harmful emissions into the atmosphere. As a result, by 2028 China imposes sanctions against countries that refuse to reduce emissions, including the US and Russia. It becomes the world’s first trade war related to climate change. In the eighth scenario, “electric cars complete the age of oil”: they are becoming more common, and the price of oil is already in 2021 is reduced to $20, in the Russian cities start to protest. By 2024, the price of oil falls to $10, Vladimir Putin leaves the political arena and trying to run the country by proxy — Elvira Nabiullina. Saudi Arabia is experiencing an economic depression.

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