CNN: auto brake system was not included at the time of the train accident in the United States

CNN: auto brake system was not included at the time of the train accident in the United States

According to CNN, this was announced by the President of Amtrak Richard Anderson, but he did not answer journalists ‘ questions about at what speed was part of.

NEW YORK, December 19. /TASS/. System, Positive Train Control, allowing you to brake to a complete stop when it reaches a dangerously high speed, was not activated on the tracks during a train accident Amtrak in Washington state. As reported by CNN, it is recognized by Amtrak President Richard Anderson.

“On behalf of all Amtrak employees, we Express our deep sorrow what happened today. We will do our best for our passengers, train crews and members of their families,” said Richardson on Twitter, the company. He, however, as CNN notes, have not answered the questions of journalists about how the speed was part of room 501.

Richardson chose to divert the media in the National office of transport security (NUBC) US. The official representative NUBT Bella Dean-dharr said earlier that to talk about speeding as the cause of the train accident in Washington state prematurely.

The accident occurred on a segment of Railways 64 km South of the city of Tacoma. Cascades high-speed train that went from Seattle to Portland, consisted of 12 cars and two locomotives. Several of them fell off a bridge crossing the highway I-5, knocking seven cars.

According to the Associated Press, the victims were six people, more than 70 people with injuries of varying severity were hospitalized.

The speed of the train can reach 128 km/h In Amtrak confirmed that the train on Monday made his first trip on the new railway, which was built in the framework of the project with a total cost of $180,8 million project aims to accelerate the transportation of passengers between Seattle and Portland. On the main road lots of turns, tunnels with single-track, as it is overloaded with commercial traffic.

Source: AP 2017