The start of the campaign-2018: experts have called the main internal problem for the future President

© Sergey Maligawa/TASS

MOSCOW, December 18. /TASS/. Improving the quality of public administration and promotion of new generation of managers, and strengthening of civil society institutions can become the main strategic tasks in the field of socio-political life for a politician who takes the highest office after the elections of 2018. Monday after the official start of the election campaign, TASS spoke with experts who identified possible key challenges for the future head of state.

A solid Foundation

Reflecting on the nature of the upcoming campaign, the experts agree that she will first pass through the referendum scenario and will serve as confirmation of the confidence of the head of the country and the course of its development, carried out in the last years. Accordingly, the political strategy for the next presidential term will be formed on the basis of the need to solve or find a solution to pressing problems, but also make the irreversible processes that began in the current six-year-old.