The new Cabinet of Austria, led by the youngest Chancellor was sworn in

The new Cabinet of Austria, led by the youngest Chancellor was sworn in

VIENNA, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. The new government of Austria, headed by the youngest Chancellor in the history of the Republic, 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz on Monday sworn in.


From 2017 to 2021 in Austria will rule the coalition government of the conservative Austrian people’s party, led by Sebastian Kurz and right Austrian freedom party, whose leader, Heinz-Christian strache became Vice-Chancellor and Minister of sports at the same time.

Foreign Minister of the Republic appointed the 52-year-old independent candidate Dr. Karin Kneissl. The defense Ministry on the proposal “right-wing” was headed by a former military man Mario Kunasek, Ministry of internal Affairs of the country passed into the hands of the Secretary-General “sobolnikov” Herbert Cycle.

The ceremony

The ceremony was held in the Imperial Hofburg Palace. Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen addressed the audience at their old posts and noted that in recent months there was an active joint work on forming a new government.

“The new government, you now will need to take into account the views of all Austrians,” said he, turning to the new Cabinet on behalf of the citizens of Austria. He briefly reminded the audience of actual economic-social situation in the country and urged the new Ministers to work hard to become better and more stable to support the most vulnerable and to protect the youth.

“I wish us all in this important work of intelligent optimism,” he added. The President thanked the outgoing Cabinet and the Chancellor Christina Kern for the work done.

He then separately appointed Sebastian Kurz Chancellor of the Republic and moved on to the appointment of Ministers. Each of them shook hands with the President, took the oath and signed the relevant documents.

A reshuffling of portfolios and the unaffiliated Minister

In the current government as Minister of sports was the leader of the “right” Heinz-Kristan strache, who also became Vice-Chancellor. In the past the government issues sports Minister of defence.

Senior researcher, Center for Eurasian studies of the University of Vienna Alexander Dubovy explained to RIA Novosti that the Austrian legislation does not provide for a certain number of ministries.

“The Ministry change from election to election, from government to government. As for Heinz-Christian strache, he initially said that he would like a small Ministry, where he will have less workload. That explains the fact that he has now received the sport and public service,” said the analyst.

According to him, strache, thus, will have more time to be Vice-Chancellor, as scanteam. “He will try, to some extent, with Kurtz to be, some issues will try to show my line and the line of his party that it was clear,” said Dubovi.

Speaking about the situation with the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Dubovi pointed to the fact that it was headed by non-partisan Karin Kneissl, however, on this post nominated her freedom Party. “This means that the party has problems with the staff. Foreign policy issues for the party are not basic, and therefore was not appointed a person who was a member of the party”, — said the expert.

In his opinion, now matter who will occupy the second and third rows and will work directly with the Minister. “If the freedom Party does not find the required personnel, i.e. skilled diplomats who would do this work, supported by Minister of foreign Affairs, the situation will look like these pictures in varying degrees, remains the same and is inherently more or less close to the people’s party, which will be easier to control the actions of the Minister of foreign Affairs”, — concluded the analyst.