The right to development

The right to development

Political scientist Oleg Matveychev — how to get away from the specter of stagnation.

The sense of stagnation brought the Soviet people to the 1990-th years — the time of self-destruction and breaking up of all social mechanisms. It is in the so-called era of stagnation, which, as is commonly believed, began under Brezhnev, the citizens of the vast Soviet Empire ceased to believe in their future. Ceased to believe that they themselves are the Creator of your life. The future saw them monotonous, like yesterday and the day before, and his continuing range become complex problem of lack of human, social and economic mobility.

In the USSR, the young man finished College, got a job and life could remain in office, which came in his youth. On the same position in the same organization 40 years. How could he make a career, when there are no prospects? After all, the development of a man only when he has a dream, when there is a desire, a goal. But most importantly, these goal and dream is achievable. This, however, was a big problem.

Because as you achieve these goals if around — the bureaucratic class? If all the key positions claim not you, but the children of officials. If the main principle for future assignments — good communication and these relations are stable and long-term, and time to wait and there was not. And to hold: the range widened, strengthened, space for an outsider it would not have been.

Undoubtedly, stability is an important factor in maintaining political and economic systems. It’s like one of the basic foundations in the construction of the building. But bet solely on this basis, the unwillingness to see the perspective and goals give rise to apathy and stagnation.

The priority of stability over development — something illusory.

On the contrary, it is the development — the Foundation of stability. While you pedal a Bicycle you don’t fall right or left. But it’s worth a stop twist — a fall is inevitable. Sustainability does not occur by itself, only the development of the movement forward can insure against falls and ensure stability.

And there is no terms, not concepts, insights and forecasts. With words you can get great literature, but then that is a totally different area of responsibility. Namely, cases, tangible goals and prospects are waiting for Russian citizens. The same tired picture to see it even in the window, to say nothing of all life. The opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, achieve in their field of success — that can ignite human beings. But if he is deprived of these sensations, if there is nothing that indicates the movement on monotonous picture window not replaced a window of opportunity — the interest will be quickly lost.