Rogozin said about the moral right of Russian companies to earn in Syria

Rogozin said about the moral right of Russian companies to earn in Syria

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said after his visit to Syria that Russia has a moral right to develop their projects in the country, reports “RIA Novosti”. According to the Vice-Premier of the Russian business in Syria, “every penny, every ruble believes.”

“Russian companies have a moral right, especially in the presence of our military, which persists in varying degrees for the retention of peace and stability, to develop major economic projects,” — said Rogozin, noting that, despite widespread destruction, Syria — “infinitely rich country.”

You need to think “how to earn money in our budget, for our citizens, for people who are also waiting for a return from the great works of Russia in Syria”, he said.

The restoration of the Syrian economy should be conducted as quickly as possible because even after the end of hostilities in the country will continue the redistribution of spheres of influence, as well as “struggle for minds” of the Syrians, said Deputy Prime Minister.

The result of his visit was “very important agreement”, which fix the orientation of Syria to the Russian market and cooperation with Russia, said Rogozin.

Speaking about the potential joint projects with Syria and Russia, Rogozin mentioned the oil facilities, restoring infrastructure, Railways, port, power generation.

According to him, reconstruction of the energy sector of the country Damascus intends to work exclusively with Moscow. “Today, Mr. President Bashar al-Assad said that Syria does not have any desire to work with companies of those countries, who betrayed Syria at any moment”, — said Rogozin.

Vice-Premier also said that Syria is the largest phosphate mine and phosphate fertilizer is a sought — after commodity in many countries. Moscow and Damascus agreed to establish a single operator for this field. “We are working in the field, on export, for delivery this processed phosphate already in other countries that are waiting for this product”, — he said. The profits from this project will be to the Syrian side, and the Russian operators.

In addition, Rogozin announced that Syria can be used as a base to export Russian wheat from neighbouring countries. “The Syrian ports are unique ports for the export of Russian wheat, not only in Syria, but, through Syria to Iraq and other neighboring countries. It is beneficial to us,” said Deputy Prime Minister.