Named the most dangerous events of the next ten years

Named the most dangerous events of the next ten years

Bloomberg has published an annual overview of the most dangerous events that can happen in the next ten years.

“A world on the brink. North Korea threatens to start a war. No one knows what else will get up to [US President] Donald trump (…). The scripts shown here should not be considered forecasts. On the contrary, this is a provocative idea, the purpose of which is to force you to think about how rapidly changing our world”, — reports the Agency.

As the first of the dangerous events indicated the victory of Donald trump in the elections for the second time. “The economy is booming. As a result of investigation Robert Mueller (spectracolor investigating possible Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016 — approx. “Of the”) finds no evidence directly pointing to the involvement of trump,” notes Bloomberg.

The just described eight scenarios. Among them: “Faceebok losing the fight against “false news,””, “Bitcoin replaces banks”, “North Korea will start a war, but [Chairman of Korea] Kim Jong-UN dies”, “the Socialists will seize power in the UK”, “Retired disintegration of Europe,” “China will unleash a trade war”, “Electric cars will overcome the dependence on oil.”