The CEC approved the electoral calendar

The CEC approved the electoral calendar

The document defines the terms of registration of candidates, the date of publication of election programs and the results of the voting. The election campaign was launched in Russia on December 18.

The Central election Commission (CEC) approved the schedule for the presidential campaign. Candidates will be able to register to participate in elections until January 31, and the results of the vote will determine until March 29, 2018. This follows from the plan of the presidential campaign (there RBC), which was approved on 18 December at the meeting of the CEC members.

The nomination of independent candidates is open from 18 December to 7 January, for the nomination of candidates by political parties is given a little more time, from December 18 until January 12, the presidential campaign plan of the CEC. Canvassing any member of the election with the date of nomination and until 00 hours March 17, when the day of silence.

The election campaign kicked off on 18 December, when the resolution of the Federation Council “On the appointment of elections of the President of the Russian Federation” was published in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

List of polling stations heads of local administrations, districts and counties must approve before December 28, and the lists of voters for each of the sites will be drawn up no later than 6 March. The voters themselves will be able to study the lists since March 7.

Five days before the election, from 13 March to 21:00 on March 18, prohibited the publication of results of polls and forecasts related to their results.