From Baikonur started “Union” with a new international crew

From Baikonur started “Union” with a new international crew

The BAIKONUR COSMODROME (Kazakhstan), 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. The carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” with manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-07” and a new crew to work on the International space station (ISS) was launched from Baikonur, RIA news from the “Gagarin’s start”.

The ship has separated from the launch vehicle.

On Board of a Soyuz — astronaut of Roskosmos Anton shkaplerov, NASA astronaut Scott tingle and JAXA astronaut Norishige Kanae. Docking with the ISS is scheduled to take place in the so-called two-day scheme 19 Dec 11: 42 MSK in automatic mode.

Previously, Roskosmos reported that from April 2017 and prior to the introduction into the Russian segment of the station for a new multipurpose laboratory module (MLM) “Nauka” of the Russian crew of the ISS will be reduced from three to two. The decision was made to increase the efficiency of the ISS Russian segment, taking into account proposals of the parent organization for manned space complexes “RSC “Energia”. However, to return to the three members of the Russian crew is expected in September 2018, after commissioning of the MLM.

Transport ships of a new modification of “Progress MS” and “Soyuz MS” development and production RKK “Energy” created as a result of deep modernization of the spacecraft “Progress M” and “Soyuz TMA”.

Onboard radio command system “quantum-In” replaced by integrated command and telemetry system with additional telemetry channel. New command radio link will provide a signal via relay satellites “Luch-5”, which significantly increase the zone of radio visibility of ships — up to 70% of the duration of the round.