Seoul accused Pyongyang to bitcoin theft

South Korean intelligence suspected North Korea of involvement in hacking attacks on cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. This was reported by Yonhap.

According to sources, as a result of the burglary were stolen personal data of about 30 thousand users of the site.

“Russian service Bi-bi-si” said that hackers attacked Bithumb in February 2017, however a cyber attack became known only in June. Then there was the stolen cryptocurrency approximately seven million dollars (at the exchange rate at the time). Now the value of the stolen is more than $ 80 million.

The hackers also vowed to wipe on their media stolen information about users of the exchange, if Bithumb pay them $ 5.5 million.

On 10 October it was reported that North Korean hackers stole a large number of secret military documents, including the latest operational plan actions South Korea and the United States in wartime. The attack on the joint preservation centre for defense information (Defense Integrated Data Center) was stolen by the Operational plans and 5015 3100.

In the first document prepared and approved jointly by the American and South Korean military, contains step by step instructions for action in case of full-scale war with the DPRK. It also contains a paragraph on the elimination of the North Korean leadership. The second included plans by the reaction of Seoul on a local provocations of Pyongyang.

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