The Russians left no extra time for training

The Ministry of education and science will increase the training period at school and enter class 12, told the radio station “Moscow speaking” in the Department.

“In accordance with Federal state educational standards of the training period in Russian schools is: 4 years at the level of primary education, 5 years at the level of General education and 2 years at the level of secondary education, with a possible extension at each level for students with disabilities. These terms allow you to evenly distribute the load and to develop the full educational program”, — stated in the message of the Ministry.

The Ministry of education noted that such requests have been received to them before, but they found no support either among parents or among teachers. About the idea to extend the summer school holidays for a month in the response Department said nothing.

Earlier, the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Vladimir Vlasov proposed to the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva extend the learning in the school year and summer vacation until 1 October. According to the MP, if you make 12 class preteentranny, it will help high school students choose their future specialty and to work in their chosen field.

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