Mining under the guise of

Mining under the guise of

As professionals use work computers for cryptocurrency transactions.

Hidden mining came to large companies. In “Transneft” said that the staff tried to use the office equipment for mining cryptocurrency. As it happens, and whether this is legal, understood Alexei Sokolov.

Information about mining on corporate computers was announced at the expert Council of “Transneft” on cybersecurity. Vice President of a security company, Vladimir Rushailo noted that attempts have been successfully foiled, but not just because of the arrogance of the staff that such mining could interfere with important processes. The temptation is, of course, is great. Conditional the system administrator of a large company that can afford powerful equipment, definitely will think at least briefly about what could load this power much more useful tasks. For example, mining cryptocurrency, but it is in his pocket.

To identify that the system is overloaded miner, just the same system administrator. Project Manager at information security company “KROK” Paul lucyk notes that such actions inflict a damage — her work is simply slowing down: “There are cases where mining has occurred not just on office computers and servers, responsible for the operation of state information systems, and this is especially sad. You can detect indirect signs: the primary is usually the CPU usage is at 90-95%. The company itself is losing it, because all processes run slower than they should”.