The oldest German pornomania announced the collapse of

The largest German company for the sale of erotic goods Beate Uhse declared bankruptcy. About it reports Reuters.

As explained in the company to declare itself insolvent had due to the lack of investors. Thus Beate Uhse intends to work to attract investment and change the structure of the group. But at the moment the group has no funds for it.

Experts attribute the collapse of the brand that people prefer to order such goods in online stores.

Holding Beate Uhse AG was founded in 1946 by the pilot Beate Uzes. He has specialized in the production of sex toys and pornographic materials. The UGA also became vladelca the first sex shop in the world called “the Institute for family health”, which opened in 1962 in the German city of Flensburg.

In early December, the last operating porn theater in Paris has announced its closure. He functioned since 1960 and has specialized in the screening of the old erotic films. According to 74-year-old owner Maurice Laroche, in his failures to blame online resources offering porn for free.

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