American starved 16-year-old daughter hunger

Nicole Finn (right)

The court in the American state of Iowa has convicted 43-year-old Nicole Finn, who starved a 16-year-old daughter, intentional homicide. Reported by the New York Post.

During the hearing, prosecutors said that Finn was keeping his three kids in one room without furniture, did not give them to eat and forbidden to go shower. From time to time, the teenagers managed to get out through the window onto the street and ask for food from the neighbors. As a result from exhaustion, died on 16-year-old Natalie. At the time of death she weighed 38 kilograms.

The neighbors informed about what is happening in the family the social workers who visited the house of Finn. However, they did not find sufficient grounds to remove children. Subsequently negligent officials were dismissed.

The verdict against Finn will be announced on January 26, for such crimes the laws of Iowa provide for life imprisonment.

On 14 June the Belgian court of Dendermonde in the province of East Flanders, was sentenced to six months probation spouses, whose son died from malnutrition and dehydration because the milk replacement. According to the verdict, the parents knew that the baby looks pale and underweight, but took no action. In this regard, the court held that the wife deliberately did not give him food, but conditional term of punishment for them will be enough.

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